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Robert Craig Films is Giving 50% of Net Proceeds from


Robert Craig Films has a big heart for finding ways to reduce homelessness and wants to give 50% of net proceeds from The Big 5 to organizations and churches across the country that are working hard to address the homeless crisis in their communities. If you are a nonprofit that fits this description, including church groups, please submit the interest form below to us. 


Additionally, we would love to partner with nonprofits nationwide in creating further awareness of the homeless crisis together. We are excited to bring to your attention that our company is producing a movie titled “No Address,” a documentary titled “Americans With No Address,” the book novelization of our script “No Address,” an interative resource guide on solutions to address homelessness and a music album that will provide music for the movie and radio distribution. We have coined these five productions, The Big 5!



Xander Berkeley, William Baldwin 

& Director Julia Verdin

Robert Craig Films is also excited to announce that it will be giving 50% of the net proceeds of The Big 5 to nonprofits who are helping those experiencing homelessness in their communities.


The Big 5 is geared towards creating more awareness around the homeless crisis. It’s also a call to action for people to get more involved in their communities and partner with local nonprofits (you!) in their efforts to reduce homelessness.


The Big 5 is anticipated to be released towards the end of the year. As we approach release dates for each of the five inspiring and entertaining productions, nonprofits will be provided updates to share with their supporters as we work together to create further awareness of this critical issue.

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Producer Sally Forcier, Isabella Ferreira & Murphy

Producer Sally Forcier and Isabella Ferrierra and Murphy_edited.jpg

Ty Pennington

& Julia Verdin

Patricia Velasquez & Lucas Jade Zumann

We will provide regular content for you to spread the word in multiple ways:

  • On your social media platforms

  • In your newsletters

  • On your websites

  • And any other creative ways to build the needed awareness


We also suggest:

  • Recommending to your supporters that they subscribe to Robert Craig Films’ newsletter so they can receive all relevant updates on The Big 5.

  • You and your team subscribe to the Robert Craig Films’ newsletter, so you stay up to date on the progress and release dates of The Big 5.


Future Opportunity:

  • Nonprofits will also be afforded the opportunity to host a Red Carpet Screening of the movie “No Address” at a local theater in their community, including a fundraiser to benefit their organization.

Apply for a donation or host a Red Carpet Screening!


We believe there is a greater opportunity to bring our message to the general public through our partnership with you. We all have the same goal in mind, to help those experiencing homelessness, access the support they need to obtain sustainable housing and services, and get their lives back together.


Feel free to reach out with any questions at


The Robert Craig Films Team

Applying to participate in receiving donation distributions on this form is not a guarantee of acceptance. Please allow a few days for our team to review your information before we make a decision and get back to you.

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