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Robert Craig Films is Giving 50% of Net Proceeds from


Robert Craig Films is deeply committed to addressing the urgent issue of homelessness. We are proud to announce our pledge that 50% of the net proceeds from our 5 productions that will be released this year will be donated to a diverse range of organizations and churches nationwide that are tirelessly working to combat the homelessness crisis within their communities. 


We invite non-profit organizations, including church groups actively engaged in this critical work, to apply for this funding by submitting the form below.


The Big 5 represents not only a series of creative endeavors but also a call to action, encouraging our audience to engage and collaborate with local non-profits dedicated to alleviating homelessness. This is what we call the No Address Movement! 

  1. The movie, No Address

  2. Our documentary titled Americans With No Address

  3. The book novelization of our script No Address

  4. An Interactive Study Guide on solutions to address homelessness

  5. A music album that will provide music for the movie, documentary, and radio distribution

Xander Berkeley, William Baldwin & Director Julia Verdin



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Ty Pennington & Julia Verdin

Once you are an approved nonprofit, we will provide regular content for you to share on your social media platforms, in your newsletters, and in any other creative ways to build the needed awareness


Please note in the application if you are interested in hosting a Red Carpet Screening of the movie No Address at a local theater in your community. This limited opportunity includes a fundraiser to benefit your organization. Details about these events will be released in early summer. 


We see this partnership as an invaluable opportunity to convey our shared message to a broader audience, uniting in our common purpose to assist those affected by homelessness to find lasting solutions for housing and support services, ultimately empowering them to a fresh start. 

If you have any questions, email us at Thank you for your work. Together, let's use the power of film to spotlight the human side of homelessness. 

Patricia Velasquez & Lucas Jade Zumann

Apply for a donation or host a Red Carpet Screening!

Applying to participate in receiving donation distributions on this form is not a guarantee of acceptance. Please allow a few weeks for our team to review your information before we make a decision and get back to you.

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