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Based on the critically acclaimed dramatic movie, which is inspired by true events, No Address shows how homelessness could happen to anyone.

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Ken Abraham

About Ken Abraham

Ken Abraham is a New York Times bestselling author, known worldwide for his collaborations with high-profile public figures. He has published 40 books, and his collaborations have been featured on several major TV networks. Abraham lives in Tennessee with his wife, Lisa, and has two daughters.

The producers have partnered with world-renowned writer Ken Abraham, a 15x New York Times bestselling author, to write No Address, A Novel.

No Address is a gripping tale about a group of individuals who find themselves homeless due to unfortunate circumstances. It provides a realistic portrayal of their fight for survival against the gangs, vigilantes, and an uncompassionate community.

The first character we meet is Lauren, a recent high school graduate who returns to her foster home only to find herself locked out. Having been in foster care since her mother passed away unexpectedly when she was eight, Lauren has no family or true friends to rely on. With no place to stay, she finds herself on the street and vulnerable.


We also meet Jimmy, who left home at the young age of sixteen to escape his father’s abuse only to find himself now spiraling down into a world of homelessness. A kindhearted homeless veteran finds him sleeping on a bench and takes him under his wing, introducing him to his street family, mentally ill Dora ... drug user Violet ... and now a runaway Jimmy.

Finally, we have Robert, a successful real estate broker who struggles as an addictive gambler. This problem has put his job, his family, and his whole livelihood in jeopardy. Will Robert travel down the road of homelessness?

As these individuals navigate the challenges of daily life in unimaginable circumstances, they encounter life-threatening challenges that never seem to end. Despite every obstacle, they find strength and resilience to overcome these hardships through their unbreakable bond and true friendship. No Address is a story of the endurance of the human spirit, offering hope for a better tomorrow.


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