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No Address Cast

William Baldwin

William Baldwin

Plays “Robert” in No Address 

3rd youngest brother of the Baldwin brothers. You know him from Backdraft with Kurt Russell, Fair Game with Cindy Crawford, Sliver with Sharon Stone, Flatliners with Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and the recent...


Lauren's favorite pastime was capturing special moments with her loving mother on her Polaroid camera. Tragically, at the age of nine, Lauren then witnesses the unexpected death of her mother.

​As many lonely years go by, Lauren finally graduates from high school. As she proudly walks home with her high school diploma, she finds her belongings from her foster care home stuffed into trash bags and left outside the front door. Unsure of where to go, Lauren falls asleep on the doorstep, awakening to the harsh reality that she has no address.

​As Lauren navigates the merciless streets, she meets Jimmy, a kind-hearted runaway. Jimmy teaches Lauren survival skills he has grown accustomed to after escaping his father's violent abuse. He introduces her to an unconventional family forged on the streets: Harris, a gifted painter and battle-scarred veteran; Dora, a once-glimmering actress now battling her mind; and Violet, also a Veteran fighting her own wars with addiction.

Harris champions his street family to get their lives back as they are constantly warding off a harassing gang, unforgiving community, and local authorities. Robert, a once-successful businessman in the throes of financial ruin due to his gambling addiction is desperate to take back the land the street family lives on for a prosperous development project. Soon Robert’s family will have to face the reality of his own financial nightmare and may even need help from those he once despised.

​No Address offers hope, humanity, and resilience as these characters navigate the stormy challenges of life with no physical address. Inspired by true events, this film is a testament to the enduring human spirit and the transformative power of community.

​No Address vividly portrays that homelessness could happen to anyone.

Inspired By True Events

By Julia Verdin, Director and Screenwriter for No Address


I was walking to my car in the pouring rain and saw a man sitting, huddled under an office building’s front awning with his dog. He had no shoes, his clothes were tattered, his eyes were haunted. I reached into my bag and gave him some money to get food.

As I was driving home, I couldn’t get the man’s face out of my head. I asked my boyfriend if he had any spare shoes and socks that we could take to him. We went back but he was gone. That image stuck with me and still haunts me.

One girl told me about how she came home one day on her birthday and found her things on the doorstep as her foster parents wouldn’t be getting checks any more. Another boy told me how he ran away from an abusive and bullying father and ended up living on the streets. Surviving on left-overs found in rubbish bins. Veterans who served our country, unable to get the support they needed and so now on the streets. Some have no family to take care of them and some are homeless on the streets because it’s safer than their homes.

I have talked to people who had good lives and jobs and came from good families who through different misfortunes ended up on the streets. They never thought it would happen to them.

When a situation touches me, I get inspired to want to do something about it. I wrote this script as a homage to those who have ended up on the streets. A group of people who have been abandoned by society, or unable to cope and keep up with the cost of living. It’s a complex problem and nobody I know has the answers on how to solve it. The plight of the homeless people I have met has touched me deeply, and so I created this story as a homage to those who are not on the streets by choice. Those people who need our love, compassion and help. They are human beings too.

Why This Film?

No Address is a profound film that portrays the bleak realities of homelessness and the bitter sadness that comes from an unfulfilled life, while at the same time showing how love and a will to survive brings hope. Inspired by true events, the screenplay was written with the goal of showing these realities to the world in hopes that humankind will work together to reduce homelessness.​​  
This problem is very real and is a visible concern, plaguing more and more people every day. As wide of a population as homelessness is, there is still a strong prejudice against them from their local communities where they live. People who experience homelessness are dehumanized from the world around them. 
No Address is an inspiring and profound film that offers important messages such as the bond of family, of hope fulfilled, of lives restored and second chances. This is done through an entertaining yet compassionately evoked film that will hopefully inspire you get more involved in helping reduce homelessness in your town. 


“U.S. adult homelessness has surpassed 1.2 million people.”
- According to The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in the 2020 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.  

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