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Sacramento, California (October 10th, 2022)

Robert Craig Films Announces No Address, A Scripted Feature Film About the Homeless Crisis in America, with the Hope to Spread Awareness and Change

No Address entertains viewers with emotion-filled and gripping storylines while engaging leading non-profit services and corporate partners who are focused on solutions and serving those experiencing homelessness.

Sacramento, California – (October 10th, 2022): Robert Craig Films produces award-winning purpose-driven movies that are changing lives; they are movies that families can enjoy together and with a high level of entertainment and inspirational uplifting storylines to encourage positive change in our world. No Address is no exception. It is the debut feature film produced and primarily financed by Robert Craig Films and addresses one of the most critical crises in our country today; homelessness. Sharing the story of a group of individuals experiencing this national epidemic due to various personal circumstances reminds us of the human side of those struggling. The touching storylines are pulled from the countless hours spent by producers visiting shelters, missions, and organizations that are on the front lines of providing services and solutions. With a direct mission to bring awareness, empathy, and personal activation through this movie, Robert Craig Films is collaborating with corporate partners who share the same vision and wish to support people who need a helping hand to establish a safe and secure life.

The film is based on true stories and the reality of the homeless experience. No Address Executive Producer Robert G. Marbut Jr., Ph.D., is a world-renowned expert on those experiencing homelessness and has been working in the field and creating our nation’s strategy and policy for over three decades, advising three different Presidential Administrations as the Executive Director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness. His Seven Guiding Principles of Transformation is a nationwide best practices study he developed after personally visiting 237 homeless service facilities in 12 states and the District of Columbia and is used in all aspects of his work to foster the creation of holistically transformative environments in order to reduce homelessness. “On a single night in America, 1.2 million adults and 1.5 million children are experiencing homelessness. The status quo is not working. We need solutions to homelessness that focus on root causes and recovery, not short-term gimmicks,” says Marbut. “No Address helps people understand this plight with beautiful and compelling storytelling and, most importantly, how they can help.”

No Address information:

  • Movie: No Address

  • Producer: Robert Craig Films

  • Distribution information:

  • Writer/Director: Julia Verdin - a 30-year Veteran filmmaker with thirty-six critically acclaimed feature films produced to date, including The Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino and 2 Jacks starring Jacqueline Bisset.

  • Logline: A group of homeless people bond together as a family while struggling to survive the streets - fending off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community, and the local authorities in hopes of finding their humanity again.

  • Release date: Winter 2023

  • Crowdfunding campaign starts: November 2022

Robert Craig founded Robert Craig Films to produce emotionally powerful films with stories that not only entertain but motivate viewers to engage deeper with compassion and generosity in the community around them. As the founder of Gutterglove, a technology that changed 750,000 homeowners' lives for the better and became a #1 rated Consumer Reports product, Craig brings that same focus, ingenuity, and drive to create award-winning movies that are changing lives.

Past films include The Lost Girls, an award-winning film that streams on the LIFETIME Channel and chronicles the story of a 16-year-old girl that gets sex trafficked with a strong message of caution, bringing awareness to parents, children, and teens of this growing criminal industry. To learn more about Craig’s films, visit

About Robert Craig Films Robert Craig Films is a film company located in Placer County, California, with a mission to bring high-quality, entertaining movies with life redemptive content to the screen. Robert Craig movies entertain, inspire, educate, and uplift spiritually - with the ultimate goal to help bring unity and peace to our world. Visit for more information.



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