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No Address: An Interactive Study Guide

No Address: An Interactive Study Guide

The Collaborative Solution to Reduce Homelessness


No Address: An Interactive Study Guide will serve individuals, small groups, congregations, pastors and leaders published by David C. Cook.


Our goal has always been to use the power of film to inspire action. The No Address: An Interactive Study Guide coincides with the feature film No Address and will literally save lives and improve communities, as it provides practical ways for individuals and groups to reduce homelessness.

Homelessness has become a crisis because most people fail to understand the interlocking issues of homelessness, untreated mental illness, and addiction, as well as PTSD, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. It is impossible to honestly address and solve homelessness if we do not take into consideration the real root causes of homelessness.

This interactive study guide was written by national experts and those who have experienced homelessness firsthand. Together, they write a four-week curriculum that can truly change a community.

Book Cover

Includes Video Sessions by:

  • Myrka Dellanos

  • Amy Grant

  • Max Lucado

“As a champion of small groups, I am always on the lookout for great group-study material. The new ‘No Address Interactive Study Guide’ guides small groups into a deeper understanding of God’s heart for the hurting. I encourage all groups that are striving to make an impact in their communities to utilize this study.”


Rick Howerton, Global Groups Pastor, Lakepointe Church

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