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Nikki Vogt's journey from Northern California to the entertainment industry is a testament to her versatility and determination. Starting her career in the packaging industry, Nikki quickly distinguished herself with her ability to connect with customers and support sales teams. Her skills in communication and delegation were evident as she led team training sessions, expedited orders, and managed inventory.

For nearly a decade, Nikki worked at a hearing center, where she took on responsibilities such as scheduling, optimizing workflows, and overseeing procurement. She built empathetic relationships with patients, addressing their needs with compassion and leaving a lasting impact.

Seeking new challenges, Nikki joined Gutterglove, a premier gutter guard manufacturer. Here, she excelled in project management, procurement, and teamwork. Her roles spanned production, operations, and business solutions, driving her passion for excellence.

Now promoted to Operations Manager & Robert Craig Films, Nikki is excited to play a key role in creating inspirational family movies. Despite the entertainment industry being new to her, Nikki's enthusiasm and diverse skill set have made her an invaluable team member. Her meticulous planning and dedication ensure seamless project execution, enhancing the cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.

Nikki's story reflects resilience, adaptability, and unwavering passion, showcasing her commitment to excellence and her joy in bringing captivating stories to the silver screen.

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