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Lucas Jade Zumann


Lucas Jade Zumann identifies himself as an actor, pilot, craftsman, and human.

A Chicago native, Lucas is the oldest of four siblings and is known for his roles in 20th Century Women, Sinister 2, Anne with an E, and Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets. A trained pilot, he has his PPL and instrument rating. Along with acting and flying, Lucas enjoys photography, filmmaking, aerial arts, martial arts, reading nonfiction, and parkour. He especially loves crafting things. One of his favorite pastimes is to contemplate the cosmos while improving on his guitar.

No Address is a project close to Lucas's heart, as equal opportunity and affordable housing are issues he takes very seriously. He believes that it is all too easy for a community to become complacent when it comes to taking care of the needs of those not fortunate enough to have a stable home environment and that the definition of "home" remains determined by both the nature in which a person was brought up, and the nurture (or lack there-of) they received.


Lucas is drawn to projects like this, as he desires to understand the experience of others--stories which he may otherwise be entirely ignorant of.

Currently, Lucas is living and traveling in his tiny home—a sustainable home he built for himself. He desires to make sustainable housing affordable to everyone.

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