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James J Papa


James began his career in Reality TV while working at a recording studio for an entertainment lawyer, and then switched over to one-hour episodic TV Pilots and screenplays. 


James enjoys creating unique bodies of work and writes full time. He has penned numerous original screenplays and pilots. 


He has also done page one re-writes and changed the P.O.V. on several projects. 


James wrote, co-direct, and co-produce a short crowd funding video for his short film: 'Ray Of Hope' about ‘paying it forward.’ 


James attended The Haverford School: a private, all boys’ school. Followed by Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and Villanova University in Pennsylvania. 


Writing is truly James’ passion.  


He lives by the credo: “Some people live to write… He writes to live…” 

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