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The Curriculum

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No Address - The Curriculum

The Collaborative Solution to Reduce Homelessness


This has never been done before. In an effort to support individuals and groups nationwide who would like to contribute in a meaningful way to reduce homelessness, a curriculum is being written by a partnership of many industry leaders who are offering resources for how to best serve those experiencing homelessness.


Serving people is most effective when individuals, groups, congregations and people of faith collaborate with local and established agencies such as missions, transitional programs, wrap-around care services, addiction treatment, skill training and job placement services in order to maximize all efforts. By partnering with the organizations that implement proven systems and strategies and provide qualified services, care and support, the opportunity for long-term success is far greater.

No Address - The Curriculum provides education and structure for how to best approach and engage serving people who are experiencing homelessness and will be available to all organizations and individuals.


Topics include:

  • The concept of Come-As-You-Are, God loves you as you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay where you are.

  • Types of homelessness; big picture and root causes.

  • Why it is up to the people to make the change and not rely on policy and government programs.

  • Engage rather than enable.

  • How to best collaborate with existing agencies as an individual or group.

  • Why duplicating services beyond the established professional agencies can harm more than help.

  • Building leadership alliances between faith organizations and agencies serving the local homeless community


We are all called to serve those in need, sharing the most important areas to participate and make difference in someone’s life.


No Address - The Curriculum will serve individuals, small groups, congregations, pastors and leaders.


Professional contributors to be announced soon!

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