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Angela Lujan



When working in a creative industry, someone has to keep the visionaries on track. That’s what Angela Lujan does best. A Southern California native, Angela worked her way through the ranks at Hewlett-Packard and Gutterglove before Robert Craig asked her to help transform his vision for a production company into a reality.


Skilled in anticipating problems and developing solutions for complex situations, Angela has been responsible for planning, executing, and managing strategic company-wide initiatives. Putting her operations background, management experience and can-do spirit to work, Angela quickly helped Robert Craig Films enter production on the company’s first major project: The feature-length film, Amy and Angel.


For Angela, her role has a much higher purpose than simply bringing films to the screen and into people’s homes. By producing principle-based works, Angela wants to inspire people through film while giving them an eternal perspective. No matter the genre, from comedies, to rom-coms, to dramas, every movie from Robert Craig Films will be appropriate – and uplifting – for the entire family. Angela takes great comfort knowing families can enjoy a film together without parents worrying about nudity and profanity. 


By helping to create entertainment based on moral values, like her favorite film, Facing the Giants, Angela feels humbled and honored to be part of a team that can influence people around the world with messages of love, kindness and faith.

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