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NoAddress Movie Poster

No Address
The Movie

Movie Trailer

Coming to Theaters Fall 2024

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Americans With No Address Movie Poster

Americans With No Address
The Documentary

Documentary Trailer

Streaming Winter 2024-2025

Welcome to the No Address Movement


Do you know an organization addressing homelessness? 

We are giving 50% of net proceeds to these nonprofit organizations.

 About Our Movie
No Address 

No Address is a full-length feature film about a group of individuals who unexpectedly fall into homelessness. They bond together as an unconventional family, struggling to survive on the streets while warding off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community, and local authorities.

No Address is a cinematic exploration of hope, humanity, and resilience as these characters navigate the stormy challenges of life with no physical address. Inspired by true events, this compelling drama captures the heart-wrenching journey of a group of individuals experiencing homelessness.

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  Theatrical Release Date: Fall 2024

No Address Cast

Billy Baldwin No Addres

William Baldwin

Plays “Robert” in No Address 

3rd youngest brother of the Baldwin brothers. You know him from Backdraft with Kurt Russell, Fair Game with Cindy Crawford, Sliver with Sharon Stone, Flatliners with Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and the recent...


No Address: A Novel

Based on the critically acclaimed dramatic movie, which is inspired by true events, No Address shows how homelessness could happen to anyone.

No Address:

An Interactive Study Guide

Written by national experts, provides education and structure for how to best approach, engage, and serve individuals who are experiencing homelessness.


The Music

No Address soundtrack created in partnership with Grammy-Award winning artists, writers, and producers.

The Paintings

Celebrity actor Xander Berkeley of No Address is also a professional painter! He has painted portraits of the star talent of the film for auctioning off and 100% of the proceeds will go to nonprofits addressing homelessness.

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 About Our Documentary
with No Address 

Filming Start Date:

Filming End Date:

Theatrical Release Date:

October 2022

Noveber 2022

Spring 2024

The producers of the film No Address are producing a 90-minute documentary on what homelessness looks like across the country. The film is titled Americans With No Address and they spent 3 weeks interviewing over 500 people in 20 major cities across 18 states including CEOs of national non-profit organizations and many politicians who are working hard to reduce homelessness.

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Streaming Winter 2024-2025

Our Goal

Robert Craig Films is addressing one of the most critical crises in our country today; homelessness. The human side of those experiencing homelessness is very real, and our hope is that No Address will inspire all of us to become more aware and have empathy in a deeper way to take action in our local communities.

Homeless Guitar Player

Joshua was experiencing homelessness in San Francisco when he graciously allowed us to interview him for our documentary.

Documentary Interview Quotes

Photo Amy Grant

Amy Grant

"Homelessness is one of those conversations that feels one way when you're just talking about an issue, and then it feels totally different when you say, 'that's my friend.' But the question, what if that were me? Because life can turn on a dime. We don't know what could flip our circumstances, and we might be the person in need."


-  Singer / Songwriter

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