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Coming to Theaters Winter 2023


"Feature filmmaker recounts emotional stories of homelessness across America: 'Leave judging at the door'

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No Address Cast

thumbnail_Photo_Billy Baldwin.png

William Baldwin

Plays “Robert” in No Address 

2nd youngest brother of the Baldwin brothers. You know him from Back Draft with Kurt Russell, Fair Game with Cindy Crawford, Sliver with Sharon Stone, Flatliners with Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and the recent Dakota movie with Abbie Cornish and many more.

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- William Baldwin

Broadcast Video Camera

About our movie No Address 

Filming Start Date:

Filming End Date:

Theatrical Release Date:

February 20, 2023

March 24, 2023

Winter 2023

This movie is about a group of people that are experiencing homelessness and realize they must bond together as a family if they are going to survive. They all have no address, but earlier in life they did. The day-to-day struggle on the streets is emotionally charged with uncertainty at every corner. Shelter, food and ongoing safety threatens their daily life as each one of them has arrived on the streets through unexpected circumstances. While meeting a few gracious advocates along their journey, the family finds a refreshing new hope to live and get their lives back. Homelessness can happen to anyone… even you and I.

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The Book

New York Times Besting Selling Author, Ken Abraham writes No Address the novel.

The Curriculum

A ‘never seen before’ curriculum will be written by many industry leaders, collaboratively, for groups, congregations and people of faith on how to best find solutions for reducing homelessness.

Group Of People Writing.jpg
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The Music

We are partnering with grammy award winning artists to create an original sound track of beautifully powerful songs for the films.

The Paintings

Actor celebrity Xander Berkeley of No Address is also a professional painter! He will paint portraits of the star talent of No Address for auctioning off on this website. 100% of proceeds will go towards nonprofits caring for the homeless!


Are you a nonprofit in the homeless space, including churches? ...Learn how you can receive a share in 50% of the profits of our films! 

Robert Craig Films is giving back 50% of its net profits of the movie No Address, the documentary Americans With No Address, the novelization of the screenplay No Address, the curriculum and the 12-song album to nonprofits and church groups that are involved in homelessness. Robert Craig Films is also putting up $1,000,000 in addition to the net profits, to further give back to organizations that work tirelessly to reduce homelessness in their communities.

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A World of Homelessness

Over 150 million people are homeless worldwide*

Nigeria has the highest homeless population worldwide (24.4 million)**

U.S. adult homelessness surpassed 1.1 million in 2020**

Japan has the lowest homeless population worldwide (3,992)***


About our documentary Americans With No Address

Filming Start Date:

Filming End Date:

Theatrical Release Date:

October 2022

November 2022

Fall 2023

The producers of the film No Address are producing a one-hour documentary on what homelessness looks like across the country. The film is titled Americans With No Address and they spent 3 weeks visiting 13 states in major cities interviewing CEO's of national non-profit organizations and many politicians who are working hard to reduce homelessness.


Robert Craig Films is addressing one of the most critical crises in our country today; homelessness. The human side of those experiencing homelessness is very real, and our hope is that No Address will inspire all of us to become more aware and have empathy in a deeper way to take action in our local communities.

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Fundraising Opportunity For Nonprofits

The producers of No Address have created a unique opportunity to partner with nonprofits in raising funding for their cause and ours. 

Documentary Interview Quotes

Amy Turk_Downtown Womens Center_5.jpg

Down Women’s Center

Los Angeles, California (Skid Row)

“What stood out to me the most when I read the script, No Address, was the community that people felt. The individuals who were experiencing homelessness, who found each other, built their own family of choice.”


-  Amy Turk, CEO

Get Your Name In The Movie Credits! 

Have you ever wanted your name in the credits of a movie for “Special Thanks”? How about No Address


United States Homelessness

21 homeless people die on a daily basis in the United States.*

Sacramento homeless increased 67% from 2019-2022 (5,570 vs 9,278).***

Of 50 states, California has the highest homeless population at over 255,000**

Of all 50 states, North Dakota has the lowest homeless population at 541****


U.S. Veteran Homeless Stats

40,056 veterans are homeless in the U.S.*

13% of veterans are unsheltered at street-level.

70% of homeless veterans have substance abuse disorders.*

Street-level unsheltered have decreased nearly 50% since 2009.*

51% of homeless veterans have disabilities.*

California has the highest count of all 50 states (11,401).**

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