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Robert Craig Films is making an impact: it’s a production company with the mission not just to entertain but to uplift people spiritually and help bring unity and peace to our world. That vision has led to successful purpose-driven films about real-world topics, life choices, and the role of faith that are presented in a way that families can watch together.

Robert joins the show to talk about entrepreneurship, following your dreams and the importance of being willing to stand out and be different. He has an inspiring story from inventing gutter guards and creating a wildly successful business (with 27 patents and counting!) to moving into his dream of producing inspirational movies. In this episode, Robert shares what he learned along the way, advice he has for anyone ready to give up on their dreams and the story behind Robert Craig Films & the movies they are making.

If you are looking for inspiration, examples of how being different is ok and how giving up on your dreams isn’t the only option, this episode is for you!

You can watch this episode with Robert here:

About Robert Craig: Robert Craig is producing films that are changing lives with stories that create awareness, inspire, and uplift. A number of his films, notably the internationally acclaimed The Lost Girls, streams on the LIFETIME channel. The films address real-world issues such as child trafficking, bullying, and homelessness and are handled delicately so families can watch together and open up conversations about life choices. Craig’s faith in God has led him to a unique and much-needed niche in the filmmaking industry, bringing together top names to write and act in inspirational family films that are purpose-driven and faith in God.

Craig’s entrepreneurial success has allowed him to pivot to a successful film career by channeling that same focus, ingenuity, and drive to create award-winning film projects. As the founder and CEO of the successful business Gutterglove, he created technology that led to a number of patents, improved the lives of millions of homeowners, became a #1 rated Consumer Reports product and is available at Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Lowes to name a few. Craig’s work of producing, directing, and hosting award-winning infomercials for his products during his 20+ year business career, as well as his involvement in the film industry on the sidelines in other ways, led to a smooth transition to film development.

Robert Craig is led by his faith in God and developed Robert Craig Films with the mission not just to entertain but to uplift people and help bring unity and peace to our world. He has a unique perspective on transferring his success as an entrepreneur to a film executive. Connect with Robert at his website and on social media at Facebook: Instagram:


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