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Johnny Lujan



Johnny Lujan believes that God calls on us all to use our specific gifts for the betterment of humanity. Throughout his career, this belief has guided Johnny – by serving his country in the military, leading international sales for Sherwin-Williams and by spreading his faith as a pastor. In addition, Johnny helps to improve the lives of those in socially impacted communities by heading up the non-profit, Freedom Through Education.


Johnny sees his position with Robert Craig Films as an enhancement along this journey. For inspiration on how to lead, Johnny looks to his favorite film: Patton. Like George C. Scott as General George S. Patton, Johnny understands that a mission can only succeed when the leader has a true and unwavering purpose. For Johnny, that purpose is to create films with the potential to help people overcome their challenges through messages of hope, truth, and courage.


Johnny’s passion for helping people succeed and his steadfast commitment to faith has made Robert Craig Films a beacon in the industry for films that not only entertain – but, more importantly, impact the lives of all who watch them.

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