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How our Film Will Bring Awareness to This Cause?

At the end of the film, we will have the contact information of the national homeless charity we are using so people can call and get information on what they can do in their communities to reduce their homelessness situation. 


The story line will mirror the existing problems of the those experiencing homelessness in America and provide some solutions to the problem. 


By alerting the media of Robert Craig Films producing No Address, shedding light on the problem through a movie, will attract various media outlets to write stories on what we are doing. This in turn will alert the general public more-so of the intensity of the problem and maybe encourage them to get more involved in their local community to help reduce the problem. 


By promoting our film to churches will hopefully inspire them to do even more than what they already do for their communities. Churches play a huge role in helping the problem of those experiencing homelessness.


By promoting our film to every charity in North America that focusses on people experiencing homelessness, including veteran charities, if they promote the finished film to their audience of influence, will help get the word out more. We are sure these charities have a variety of tools to bring the word out and we believe our film can help the general public understand more how serious the problem really is. This in turn will hopefully encourage people to get more involved in their local communities to help out more.

U.S. Veteran Homeless Stats

40,056 veterans are homeless in the U.S.*

13% of veterans are unsheltered at street-level.

70% of homeless veterans have substance abuse disorders.*

Street-level unsheltered have decreased nearly 50% since 2009.*

51% of homeless veterans have disabilities.*

California has the highest count of all 50 states (11,401).**

United States Homelessness

21 homeless people die on a daily basis in the United States.*

Sacramento homeless increased 67% from 2019-2022 (5,570 vs 9,278).***

Of 50 states, California has the highest homeless population at over 255,000**

Of all 50 states, North Dakota has the lowest homeless population at 541****

A World of Homelessness

Over 150 million people are homeless worldwide*

Nigeria has the highest homeless population worldwide (24.4 million)**

U.S. adult homelessness surpassed 1.1 million in 2020**

Japan has the lowest homeless population worldwide (3,992)***

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