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Help Us Reduce Homelessness 

Partner with us in producing our movie “No Address” and our documentary “Americans With No Address”

Any funding that comes in through your gracious giving through this Indiegogo campaign will be used to help offset costs in production and marketing. Whatever funds are still needed for the movie and documentary, Robert Craig Films and other investors will make up the difference.

The budget for production and marketing for the movie and documentary is hovering around $5M.

We hope you’ll like the perks we’re giving for the various tiers of giving, such as:

Certificate of THANKS 


Social Media Shout Out 


Digital Download of our Movie “No Address” 


Digital Download of our Documentary “Americans With No Address” 


"Special Thanks" Credit at the End of Both Films 


Digital Signed Screenplay from Both Writers 


Invite to Filming Set of “No Address” 


Lunch and Photo with Director 


Invite To Wrap Party 


"Associate Producer" Credit 


"Producer" Credit 


"Executive Producer" Credit 

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