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Coming to Theaters Winter 2023

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"The objective of the film is to bring awareness, empathy, and personal activation through the movie, demonstrating the human side of homelessness..."

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A World of Homelessness

Over 150 million people are homeless worldwide*

Nigeria has the highest homeless population worldwide (24.4 million)**

U.S. adult homelessness surpassed 1.1 million in 2020**

Japan has the lowest homeless population worldwide (3,992)***

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Our Mission Today!

Our team has embarked on a three week nationwide tour producing a documentary on what's going on with homelessness across America. We are interviewing numerous CEO's of key non-profit organizations and politicians to get a better understanding and then bring that back to you in a multi docuseries for television.



Robert Craig Films is addressing one of the most critical crises in our country today; homelessness. The human side of those experiencing homelessness is very real, and our hope is that “No Address” will inspire all of us to become more aware and have empathy in a deeper way to take action in our local communities.



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United States Homelessness

21 homeless people die every day in the United States.*

Of 50 states, California has the highest homeless population at over 255,000**

Sacramento homeless increased 67% from 2019-2022 (5,570 vs 9,278).***

Of all 50 states, North Dakota has the lowest homeless population at 541****

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About the Film

A group of people bond together with a personal history and experience all their own, yet are experiencing homelessness and living with No Address. The day-to-day struggle of life on the streets is emotionally charged with uncertainty at every corner. Shelter, food and ongoing safety threatens their daily life. Each one has arrived on the streets through unexpected, yet all too familiar life circumstances. As they combat the harshness of the streets to survive, they find their way through an unforgiving community who has lost their sense of humanity, while meeting a few gracious advocates along their journey. 

U.S. Veteran Homeless Stats

40,056 veterans are homeless in the U.S.*

Street-level unsheltered have decreased nearly 50% since 2009.*

13% of veterans are unsheltered at street-level.

51% of homeless veterans have disabilities.*

70% of homeless veterans have substance abuse disorders.*

California has the highest count of all 50 states (11,401).**

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